A Day at the Ballpark and a 2013 Brooklyn Cyclones Team Set

Sunday was such a nice day that I decided to go to a Brooklyn Cyclones game. The weather couldn’t be more perfect.

Brookyn Cyclones

It was a fun game and I witness something I have never seen in all my years of watching professional baseball. So the bases were empty and the batter bunted towards first. The pitcher had to field it and any good throw would probably be an easy out. Unfortunately the throw was a wee bit wide, drawing the first baseman off the base. Then for no reason the first baseman (probably a bit upset with himself or the pitcher) threw the ball to second. The second baseman wasn’t expecting the ball and the ball went all the way to far left field. So the runner went to second on the error and as he was turning second the outfielder way overthrew the cutoff man and the ball went way past home. The runner now is turning third on this error and with a bang- bang play at home, he was safe. So the batter went to first, to second, to third and to home all in a bunt. Wow. Despite that the Cyclones still won.

I try to pick up a Brooklyn Cyclones team set every year and here is this year’s.

Brooklyn Cyclones Cards 1

Brooklyn Cyclones Cards 2

Brooklyn Cyclones Cards 3

Brooklyn Cyclones Cards 4

Brooklyn Cyclones is always a fun time and I am probably heading back for the Bark in the Park night with my dog.


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