Awesomely Awesome Comics: DC Comics Villains Month 3D Covers

If you haven’t checked out the DC Comics Villains Month 3D Covers in person, you are really missing out because they are wicked cool. A lot of collectors are turned off such gimmicks (because the 90’s comic gimmicks burnout) but when done right and when it is not done like every month they can be something special and something to spark excitement. I also love reading about some of the more obscure characters so Villains Month is right in my wheelhouse. There is only so many Superman and Batman stories you can take. There are 52 Villains Month comics and here are the ones that stand out so far.

The Best Cover: Deadshot

Deadshot 3D Cover

Honestly some of the covers don’t really take advantage of the 3D technology as well as others. One that really pops is Deadshot. Deadshot really stands out in the forefront of his cover and you can see the bullet coming right at you. Also all the 3D covers have the theme of the defeated heroes in the background and in my opinion none of the covers do it as well as Deadshot’s. For some of the covers it seems like the background is just an afterthought.

The Worst Story: Joker

Joker 3D Cover

I haven’t gotten the chance to read all the Villains Month comics yet so I have going to hold off with my favorite story (most have been pretty good) but right now Joker’s comic has to be the worst story. For the record, it is not bad per se but it is just so random and just so weird. I won’t spoil it but I know Joker is insane but this story doesn’t really add anything positive whether it is to Joker’s character development or to the Forever Evil crossover.

The Most Valuable: Harley Quinn

Harley Quin 3D Cover

Despite DC Comics having to ration out the supply of 3D covers among retailers, there are a ton of 3D cover variants going around so the comics are probably not worth a whole lot especially short time. My office is close to probably one of the biggest comic book stores in the country so I can almost certainly get my hands on whatever 3D cover I want if I shop before I head to work. I also can keep and eye out on what sells and the 3D covers usually sells out the first day. This is a guesstimate and it from my observations but it seems that Harley Quinn’s comic sold out faster than the rest so that would be my pick for the most valuable comic. Harley Quinn is a popular character, she is getting her own series soon and wow she is quite evil.

Update: The Dial E comic was sold out before 11:30 AM today, making that the fastest selling 3D cover so far (again from my observations).



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3 responses to “Awesomely Awesome Comics: DC Comics Villains Month 3D Covers

  1. Harley Quinn most valuable?Dark Knight (Jokers Daughter 3-D)23.4 is selling for over $100 already on E-Bay and it dosent even come out till next Wednesday.

    • I expect that number to dramatically decrease as it comes out. Again DC Comics printed a lot of the 3D covers so they aren’t that rare.

      • Carl

        They printed a lot, but underestimated demand..Also they were printed in China, and can’t simly go back to press the way they would on a standard cover. Some will be red hot and then drop off but still over cover price

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