MTG Brewer: Esper Control with Trading Post

Looking to play Esper Control but don’t have Elspeth or Jace? Here is a brew I have been working on.

1x Azorius Cluestone
1x Codex Shredder
1x Dimir Keyrune
1x Elixir of Immortality
1x Haunted Plate Mail
1x Pithing Needle
4x Prophetic Prism
2x Ratchet Bomb
3x Trading Post

2x Dissolve
2x Doom Blade
3x Far // Away
2x Essence Scatter
3x Supreme Verdict
1x Ultimate Price
1x Warped Physique

1x Aetherling
1x Read the Bones
2x Sphinx’s Revelation

1x Azorius Guildgate
2x Dimir Guildgate
1x Encroaching Wastes
2x Godless Shrine
4x Hallowed Fountain
4x Island
2x Maze’s End
2x Mutavault
1x Orzhov Guildgate
4x Swamp
4x Watery Grave

Trading Post Esper

1x Aetherling
3x Detention Sphere
1x Doom Blade
1x Merciless Eviction
2x Negate
3x Omenspeaker
1x Pithing Needle
1x Ratchet Bomb
1x Underworld Connections
1x Warped Physique

(The deck on

I am still tinkering with the sideboard. Here are some of the pros of Trading Post Esper Control. One it uses Trading Post and artifacts instead of planeswalkers for value so it is sort of a budget version of Esper. One of the weakness of Esper control is the mana base and it lacks a cheap cantrip. Trading Post Esper solves that problem nicely with Prophetic Prism. It is sort of a sorcey speed Think Twice that fixes your mana in the early game. Also it is personal preference but I like Guildgates + Maze’s End rather than the new scry lands.

This deck started off as U/W. But I was tired of Azorius Charm and Detention Sphere not permanently dealing with problems and I will often have to spend two or more cards to deal with threats. So I shifted to U/B for cards like Doom Blade, Far // Away and Warped Physique which was good but the deck really needed a sweeper. It is tough to splash a card like Supreme Verdict but I think it is a necessary evil (Merciless Eviction is too slow and Sphinx’s Revelation and Detention Spheres in the sideboard are no brainer afters that.

Finally you may have noticed the lack of discards spells like Thoughseize and/ or Duress. This deck is super slow and plays a lot of lands so I think the risk of missing with a discard spell is too great. I much rather play a 2 for 1 card like Far // Away, good removal like Doom Blade and/ or counterspells like Dissolve.

A word of warning this control deck is very grindy and there are a lot of decisions to make. It wants to take games to the late, late game. When you get enough mana, you can make plays like recurring a Sphinx’s Revelation or Supreme Verdict every turn with Codex Shredder. This deck can be fun but it is definitely not for everyone.


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