My Haul from New York Comic Con 2013 – Day 1

Today was the first day of New York Comic Con, which I look forward to every year. I have developed a game plan with my brother from past experiences and Thursday is the day to scout out everything and spend the most time shopping.

I set out to get an autograph of each Doctor on Doctor Who. It doesn’t help that it feels like there is like a new Doctor every other year but I am just a bit closer with this Christopher Eccleston and this Matt Smith autograph. It wasn’t cheap…

Christopher Eccleston Autograph

Matt Smith Autograph

First Doctor – William Hartnell
Second Doctor – Patrick Troughton
Third Doctor – Jon Pertwee
Fourth Doctor – Tom Baker – Check
Fifth Doctor – Peter Davison – Check
Sixth Doctor – Colin Baker – Check
Seventh Doctor – Sylvester McCoy – Check
Eighth Doctor – Paul McGann – Check
Ninth Doctor – Christopher Eccleston – Check
Tenth Doctor – David Tennant
Eleventh Doctor – Matt Smith – Check
Twelfth Doctor – Peter Capaldi

Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor is signing this year but I picked up his autograph last year. I don’t know if I have the budget for another Baker auto but I will have it in mind Sunday. I probably will pick up a John Barrowman autograph though tomorrow if the line isn’t too long.

Picked up two issues of Penny For Your Soul: Death from Big Dog Ink.

Penny for Your Soul Death 2

Penny for Your Soul Death 3

Also picked up a grab bag and here are the goodies!

Grab Bag

It is a Gundam Astray Custom Clear Parts Set, K-On! something, Tiger & Bunny something and an Evangelion 2.0 iPhone 4 case. There are bunch of interesting panels tomorrow and they are high on my to do list. But first I need to get some sleep…

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  1. unclemoe

    Looks like fun.

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