New York Comic Con 2013 – Day 3

As planned today, I checked out Artist Alley, more panels and I did a lot more shopping. Funny story. As I was walking out of New York Comic Con for lunch I brushed what I thought was a spot on cosplayer as Mick Foley. The hair, the flannel, the build… turns out the real Mick Foley was there in person signing autographs… Anyways I picked up some pretty awesome collectibles if I don’t say so myself.

Hit Girl Alejandro Rosado

Yo Gabba Gabba Alejandro Rosado

Hit Girl and Yo Gabba Gabba Sketches by Alejandro Rosado

Doctor Who Tom Kelly

A Doctor Who Sketch by Tom Kelly

Also I picked up a bunch of Magic singles and a ton of comics from the bargain bin. My bag was pretty much weighing me down by the end of the night. Death Sentence from Titan Comics is signed!

Death Sentence

I have to say Saturday in the past have been way overcrowded but this year it really wasn’t that bad. Sure the lines to the more popular panels are endless so you have to wait an hour+ to be sure you make it in but that is to be expected. I am still kind of bummed out that I couldn’t make it to the Mythbusters panel. As a whole, things weren’t perfect but it is much improved. Most notably the addition of RFID tags to weed out people sneaking in and counterfeiters definitely help with the overcrowding problem.

So Sunday is the day for bargains so I expect to be up and down the show floor for most of the day.

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  1. unclemoe

    Only an hour wait for panels? That’s not bad.

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