2012 Tristar TNA Impact Wrestling TENacious Box Break

I picked up this 2012 Tristar TNA Impact Wrestling TENacious box at New York Comic Con. It should be a fun break. Each box has 20 packs and 7 “hits”.

TENacious celebrates 10 years of TNA, featuring some of the biggest stars and their biggest moments. I’ll cut to the chase. I am kind of indifferent of about the base set. It isn’t something too crazy and doesn’t really strayed from past Tristar TNA sets.

Tristar TNA Impact Wrestling TENacious

But let’s be honest, you get a box for the hits. Of the 7 hits per box 2 of them are parallels and one is a numbered short print. The parallels are AJ Styles (3/10) and Jeff Hardy (8/30) and the short print is of Ric Flair (61/100). It goes without saying these are an afterthought and thrown in to add “value” and increased the “hit” count of a box.

Tristar TNA Impact Wrestling TENacious Parallels and Short Prints

Some of the bigger hits are of course are of Kurt Angle, Sting, Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy and the like. Of course I pulled two Knockout autographs, Rosita (11/100) and Gail Kim (94/100). But to be honest, if I had to pull a Knockout auto, Gail Kim would be on top of the list. I have a signed photo of hers and I am probably adding this to my PC too.

Rosita Auto

Gail Kim Auto

So one of the 7 hits is either a celebrity cut auto of stars like Chris Rock, Toby Keith and Brian Urlacher or a TNA memorabilia card.

Beer Money Mem Card

And I pulled a memorabilia card of Beer Money (12/100) which is alright but my hits are kind of lackluster until I pulled this.

Motor City Machine Guns and Beer Money Auto

It is a quad auto of Beer Money (James Storm & Bobby Roode) and Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) numbered 94/100. I am a huge fan of the Motor City Machine Guns and the Best of 5 series of Summer 2010 is some of the best TNA tag team matches in their history. I am definitely keeping this auto and it is going straight into my little MCMG collection.

If you watch TNA or a fan of wrestling it is a fun break and you can pull some pretty awesome cards. I definitely recommend breaking a box if you can find one for cheap. Oh a random thought. Tristar really loves numbering cards. All the hits (parallels, short prints, autographs and memorabilia cards) are all numbered. The box itself is numbered (1634/1800). It may be a bit excessive and kind of ruins what makes numbered card special. But to be fair it not a problem exclusive to Tristar.


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  1. Hi,
    Trade ou buy possible for your TNA TENacious Jeff Hardy parallel card?

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