MTG Brewer: Izzet Blitz with Akroan Crusader & Young Pyromancer

I love storm like decks with a lot complicated lines of play, low chance of interaction from your opponent, explosive draws and quick kills. Basically I love to go all in with glass cannons. So some of my favorite decks have been Belcher, ANT and Oops all spells. For standard most recently I was tinkering with a Burn at the Stake + Tokens deck. Since the rotation I have been playing Esper Control, U/W Trading Post Control, Mono Red devotion and The Rock deck with Whip of Erebos. I honestly have grown kind of bored with them. I was looking at all sort of devotion decks with Nythos, Shrine to Nyx but they still felt too mid- rangey for my style of play so I brew up this.

Izzet Blitz:
4 Akroan Crusader
4 Nivmagus Elemental
2 Rakdos Cackler
4 Young Pyromancer

4 Hidden Strings
4 Ordeal of Thassa
4 Shock
1 Magma Jet
4 Mizzium Skin
2 Syncopate
4 Dynacharge
3 Titan’s Strength

7 Island
8 Mountain
4 Steam Vents
1 Izzet Guildgate

Izzet Blitz

I was inspired by this Starcity deck tech. I simplify the lines of play for a better manabase and a quicker kill. So there are two lines to victory. The primary plan is a Akroan Crusader or Young Pyromancer which can create a bunch of tokens early so you can Dynacharge for the win turns 3 or 4. The other line is a Rakdos Cackler or Nivmagus Elemental plus a Ordeal of Thassa or two. You draw your cards earlier because the Cackler and Elemental can add +1/+1 counters themselves from there you can go to with the token plan or tempo them out for the rest of the game with a large Voltron.

The card that really ties this deck together is Hidden Strings. Who would have thought it is such a good combo enabler? It can target the Crusader multiple times, it can be a free spell when you untap your lands, when ciphered it can be a good spell to eat with the Elemental and finally it can tap blockers when you have to.

Other cards I considered were Nivix Cyclops, Guttersnipe and the new flying Chimera. All cost three mana and are way too slow to stand a chance in the meta. I also really wanted to add Quicken as a cheap cantrip. It works wells with Pyromancer but not much else so it really doesn’t do enough. Mana is important in the first three turns so I went with Titan’s Strength instead.

One of the trickier parts of the deck is what order to play your spells in. It is a bit too complicated to put in writing but practice makes perfect.


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