How I Became Smarter Collector Featuring 2007 Upper Deck Future Stars & 2009 Topps Stadium Club

2008 Upper Deck Future Stars and 2009 Topps Stadium Club were two sets that I bought way too much packs from oh so long ago, for wildly different reasons. Now they are both packs that you can find in repacks and I just so happened to have one of each.

2007 UD Future Stars and 2009 Topps Stadium Club

2008 Upper Deck Future Stars

UD Future Stars

I bought way too many packs of 2008 Upper Deck Future Stars when I was getting back to collecting baseball cards. The bottom line was it wasn’t a good set and it may in fact be one of the worst products Upper Deck has ever produced. 2008 Upper Deck Future Stars main lure was the promise (or should I say the hope) of a Dice-K autograph card. If memory serves me right, this was the first set with Dice-K autos and I have to say I was one of the collectors they hooked in. After busting all these packs, I came to realize that the good/ decent autographs in this sets were few and far between. There were only four cards per pack and most of them were worthless. The pack above is actually a good representation of what you should expect to pull. Also despite the set being called Future Stars there were not many rookies card in the set. Again if my memory serves me right most if not all the rookies card were short printed or inserts of some kind. All the autographs I believe were prospects though and many didn’t make it to the bigs. Finally it goes without say the design is kind of ugly and something you would expect in the 90’s. I can proudly say I am a way smarter collector now.

2009 Topps Stadium Club

Topps Stadium Club

2009 Topps Stadium Club is another bad set. The photography is top notch but the set as a whole wasn’t really worth invoking the Stadium Club brand. Anyways I bought a lot of Stadium Club blasters. So as the story goes, I was just getting into the sports card blogosphere and I read from someone’s blog that blasters of 2009 Topps Stadium Club were marked $2.99 at Target. Yes blasters for $2.99. Needless to say I was at Target with my brother the next day and we bought most if not all of the 2009 Topps Stadium Club blasters. Yep they were in fact $2.99 each and we pulled a bunch of autographs. Funny enough one of the autograph was Chris Perez (I believe) and it was redemption (I think our first redemption). It took like 2 maybe even 3 years to get it fulfilled.

So what I learned is that social media and the blogosphere is an invaluable resource and it is now where I get most of many information from so I can be a smarter collector and not make another mistake like 2008 Upper Deck Future Stars.

Oh I almost forgot. : ) There are five cards per pack in 2009 Topps Stadium Club and the fifth card is

Johnny Podres Beam Team Autograph

a Johnny Podres Beam Team autograph!! Sick!! I have to say Beam Team is one the prettiest baseball cards ever with the stained glass design.



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3 responses to “How I Became Smarter Collector Featuring 2007 Upper Deck Future Stars & 2009 Topps Stadium Club

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    Very worthwhile reading, with sports collections in mind.

  2. Nice pull!! I pulled a few auto’s from Target loose packs. I forget what they call them. They were discounted too. I never pulled something as good as a Brooklyn Dodger. The Beam Team cards are pretty nice!

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