2013 Topps Best of WWE Box Break

I was at my local card shop the other day, looking for a fun box to break. I wasn’t really feeling 2013 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball. They were sold out of 2013 Topps UFC Finest. 2012/13 Panini Immaculate Basketball was very tempting but a big splurge like that is for another time, maybe as a Christmas gift to myself. I am also probably going to pick up some Panini boxes next week when they have their Black Friday promotion. So it was down to a Star Wars box or the latest Topps WWE release. I went with 2013 Topps Best of WWE mainly because I have my fingers crossed to pull this card.

2013 Topps Best of WWE

The base set is a collection of WWE greatest moments the last few years and the backs are written by Mick Foley.

2013 Topps Best of WWE Base Cards and Parallels

I went through the cards and picked out a few of my favorite moments. I tried to pick a good AJ Lee moment but wow she was in a lot of bad storylines. There are also bunch of parallels in this set and the only difference is the color of the foil stamp. I didn’t pull the rarest parallel but my one per box parallel is of Kofi Kingston and R Truth.

There are a ton of inserts and they all revolve around top ten lists. The gimmick seem to be that the lower numbers on the list starting with 10 is the most common pull and each step down the inserts get rarer. So number one cards are the rarest followed by number two cards. Well it happens that the rarest inserts I pulled are all of Triple H.

Triple H Inserts

Here are a few of the more questionable picks for top ten list. Looking at these top ten lists there were a lot of weak Intercontinental champions and tag team champs.

2013 Topps Best of WWE Inserts

There are two hits per box and my pulls are

Fandango Wrestlemania Mat Card

Fandango Wrestlemania Mat card. Wrestlemania was Fandango’s first big match. He could have been huge but WWE kind of messed up the whole Fandango-ing craze and they kind of shoved it down our throats so it got old fast. It looks like Fandango is destined to be a jobber in a year or so.

So the box is not looking too good but at least I pulled this

Daniel Bryan Shirt Card

A Daniel Bryan shirt relic card. Daniel Bryan really step up his game the last year or two and took advantage of an opportunity to become a top guy for WWE.

A couple of thoughts. The best of WWE moments is a good way to keep Topps once or twice per year WWE product fresh. The Top 10 inserts gimmick is kind of annoying and because of the different rarities, I doubt many will care enough to try to build the set. Finally I have said in the past but I hate mat cards. The only thing that “saves” this box break is the Daniel Bryan relic card which to be honest isn’t probably worth a lot but still is going to my PC.



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3 responses to “2013 Topps Best of WWE Box Break

  1. I don’t follow wrestling at all, but I’ve heard of Fandango. Mainly from Opie and Anthony though. The cool thing about these cards that they show off the strong personalities of the wrestlers.

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