MTG Brewer: Possibility Storm, A Budget Legacy Deck

Legacy has a reputation of being inaccessible by the majority of Magic players because you need to invest a lot to have a competitive deck. Sure if you are only planning to net deck then the cost of playing in a major Legacy tournament will be prohibitive. There are a lot of money cards like the dual lands, Karakas, Wastelands, Force of Wills etc that have no cheap substitutes. So if you really want to have a competitive budget Legacy deck you have to brew. A mono black devotion deck with Gray Merchant of Asphodel recently day 2 a legacy Grand Prix, Grand Prix: DC so it is definitely possible. You just have to think outside of the box.

I have tried to make a budget version of an established Legacy archetype with High Tide but to be honest the power level is way down without the Force of Wills and at least Time Spiral. I went back to the drawing board and here is a dirt cheap Legacy deck that can have explosive turns on the second or third turn of the game. It is a glass cannon (which if you know me are my favorite type of decks).

First off you are going to need some rituals.

4x Rite of Flame
4x Desperate Ritual
2x Pyretic Ritual
4x Seething Song

and some cantrips to iron out your draws.

4x Faithless Looting
4x Gitaxian Probe
1x Overmaster

Finally the win cons and lands
4x Possibility Storm
1x Lotus Petal
1x Wild Cantor
1x Blightsteel Colossus
1x Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded
1x Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker

4x Empty the Warrens
3x Past in Flames
2x Blood Moon

15x Mountain
4x Sandstone Needle

Possibility Storm Combo

Here is the deck along with the sideboard on

So there are two main lines of play. Turbo out a Possibility Storm and cast either Lotus Petal, Wild Cantor and Tibalt to cheat in a Blightsteel Colossus or a Nicol Bolas. The other line is to storm out with Empty the Warrens and storm out again later with Past in Flames since many decks are well equipped with beat the initial rush of goblins.

The beauty of the deck is the synergies between the two lines. For example if you storm off with Empty the Warrens and have Past in Flames in your graveyard, you can bypass the Possibility Storm trigger (because it is only triggers with spells cast from the hands) and if you opponent tries to stop you with say a Force of Will he or she has to take a chance and get lucky with his or her Possibility Storm triggers. It works the other way around too if you start with a Possibility Storm buy don’t have Lotus Petal, Wild Cantor and Tibalt, you can cast your spells like your rituals so they sort of count twice for the storm count and hope to hit a Empty the Warrens. You do have to get a bit lucky with this line but you can quickly do the math. There are 20 sorceries and 4 of them are Empty the Warrens and all the instants are rituals before sideboard.

This deck is dirt cheap and probably cheaper than most Standard decks. The most expensive cards are Blightsteel Colossus which can be replaced with Inkwell Leviathan and Blood Moon which can be replace with another meta sniper like say Pyroclasm. Blood Moon is nice though because it can be win conditions 9 and 10 because certain decks just can’t beat it. I haven’t really refine the deck so feel free to tinker with it. Some ideas I have is maybe more Blood Moons and possibly cutting two Past in Flames for Gambles. The only thing if you tinker with the list is that you must have one artifact, one creature and one Planewalkers in addition to your fatties or else you may chain a Lotus Petal into another Lotus Petal.


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