2013- 14 Panini NBA Hoops Box Break

I picked up this box of 2013- 14 Panini NBA Hoops on Black Friday. Of course I got a couple of Panini Black Friday packs and did OK with them. Anyways if I am not mistaken, NBA Hoops is Panini’s basketball flagship set and there are a ton of cards per box so it is perfect for team collectors looking to add cards to their PC. Here is a small sample of cards I pulled.

2013-14 Panini NBA Hoops Cards

As expected there are a ton of base cards with a bunch of parallels and inserts sprinkled in. I am probably most excited about pulling three different Tim Hardaway Jr rookie cards between this box and the Black Friday packs. It goes without saying the Knicks are one of the worst team in the NBA this year and Tim Hardaway Jr is one of the few bright spots. Of course he gets almost no playing time…

Oh I did some research and the Kobe’s All- Rookie Team inserts are appartently one of the chases of the set. If someone pulled a Tim Hardaway Jr Kobe’s All- Rookie Team insert I would be defintely interested in a trade. I also don’t think I pulled the one per box Artist’s Proof parallel. I went through the cards a couple times and didn’t see it but since all the parallels look alike it is remotely possible I keep missing it.

Each box has 3 hits, 2 autographs and 1 memorabilia card. I took a look at the autograph checklist and there are 200 signers in this set but if you take a closer look, there is actually a lot of filler for the lack of a better term. Here are my pulls.

John Lucas III Autograph

A John Lucas III auto. To be honest, I actually had to google who he was and wow I can’t imagine too many John Lucas III fans out there looking for an auto of his.

Rory Sparrow Autograph

My other auto is of Rory Sparrow. The name sounds familar but I had to Google who he was too. Needless to say Rory Sparrow had a much more accomplished career compared to John Lucas III (so far to give the benefit of the doubt). He is picture on the card as a Knick so he is going to my PC.

Manu Ginobili Jersey Card

The last hit is Manu Ginobili jersey card which to be honest doesn’t really excite me too much. Actually overall my pulls have been lackluster for this box break other than the Anthony Bennett Kobe’s All- Rookie Team insert. Oh wells, you can’t win them all.


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