Random Blaster Break: 2009 Upper Deck Artifacts A Piece of History Baseball

My favorite baseball card sets are ones that are little oddball and they are usually not strictly just baseball cards. I think they make for more fun breaks. One of those sets was the 2009 Upper Deck Artifacts A Piece of History Baseball. In addition to baseball cards, it highlights key moments in history and they were pretty random. Sure there are ton of sets that do that nowadays but it was a bit more usual (I believe) a couple of years ago. It was definitely one of the first sets to play with celebrity memorabilia and autographed hits mixed with baseball hits. Anyways, I decided to pick up a blaster while I was doing some Christmas shopping. Each blaster is guaranteed one memorabilia card.

2009 UD Artifacts Blaster

Here are some of the base cards

UD Artifacts Base

and some of the non sport cards.

UD Artifacts Non Sports Base

This was also the year of the Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Retrospective cards. They were kind of a turnoff just because the set was so huge and they were everywhere.

UD Mike Schmidt

For the hit I got

Bobby Crosby Mem Card

Bobby Crosby which yea… is kind of lame. The card is worth like maybe $0.50. Probably more interesting is this card

Boy Scouts Insert Card

a blue parallel of the Boy Scouts numbered 214/299.

When I look back I was way more in the Upper Deck camp rather than the Topps camp but they make so many poor business decisions that I am actually surprised they are still around. Such a shame.


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