MTG Brewer: Jund Burn Designed to Beat Mono Black, Mono Blue and Esper Control

First off word of warning this is a very raw brew that I haven’t gotten around to testing yet. A lot of it is theory but I expect to iron out the kinks and refine the deck list over the next coming weeks.

Anyways if your meta for FNM’s is anything like mines, it is infested with mono black devotion, mono blue devotion and Esper control. All three decks attack the Standard meta at different angles so most decks are often good against one of the three and horrible against the others. Thus it seems to be the smart choice to play one the big 3 and that is perfect for a brewer.

I have been noticing decks are trying to play more flexible spells so no one deck beats them. Flexible spells are often weaker spells. Such spells include Devour Flesh and Last Breath. Also because the meta is becoming more predictable there are more and more main deck and sideboard slots for mirror matches. So cards like Gainsay are seeing a lot of play.

So when I was brewing this deck I decide I want to have great matchups against the Big 3 decks at whatever cost. So I am choosing to play more narrow, powerful cards rather than flexible, weaker cards. Here is the decklist

Jund Burn:
4 Elvish Mystic
4 Sylvan Caryatid
2 Voyaging Satyr
1 Rakdos Keyrune
4 Doom Blade
2 Lightning Strike
1 Gaze of Granite
2 Clan Defiance
2 Rakdos’s Return
4 Toil // Trouble
4 Read the Bones
2 Skylasher
2 Mistcutter Hydra
2 Slaughter Games
4 Blood Crypt
4 Stomping Ground
4 Overgrown Tomb
1 Temple of Abandon
1 Rakdos Guildgate
1 Golgari Guildgate
5 Forest
3 Swamp
1 Mountain

4 Dark Betrayal
2 Mistcutter Hydra
2 Slaughter Games
2 Vraska the Unseen
2 Golgari Charms
3 Other Sideboard Cards

The Standard format is very creature and removal heavy so this deck attacks it at an awkward angle by being mostly a burn deck. It blanks a lot of cards Game 1. But it doesn’t play weak spells like Shock like in Boros Burn deck. It plays cards that pack a punch like Clan Defiance, Rakdos’s Return and Toil // Trouble. I know Rakdos’s Return and Toil // Trouble is kind of nombo but both cards are backbreaking in different situations.

The Plan Against Mono Black Devotion:
One of the best answer to Thoughtseize is Divination type effects and this deck plays 8. My list is still a little soft to Pack Rat Game 1 so that is probably your first Slaughter Games target and the Gray Merchant of Asphodel is probably the other. I don’t want to play bad removal cards so Doom Blade is in the main but after sideboard it sides out nicely for Dark Betrayals. Game 2 it may be tempting for the Mono Black player to side out their removal since this deck only mana dorks for creatures so I am thinking about siding in creatures for this matchup. Other cards I consider is Ratchet Bomb, Pack Rat, Havoc Festival and more Gaze of Granites.

The Plan Against Mono Blue Devotion:
Basically it is three cards, Skylasher, Mistcutter Hydra and Doom Blades. After sideboard 4 Doom Blades and 4 Mistcutter Hydra should be tough to beat for any mono blue deck. If testing doesn’t go well, I may try 4 Skylashers after sideboard and Fade into Antiquity.

The Plan Against Esper Control:
Two words. Slaughter Games. There is no way Esper Control can beat this card other than Thoughtseize especially when they play so little win cons. Toil // Trouble, Rakdos’s Return, Vraska the Unseen, Mistcutter Hydra are all also pretty good in this matchup. So sure you Sphinx’s Revelation all you want. There is nothing you can draw that can stop me!

I wanted to throw out this decklist are see how it evolves. Can it beat devotion and green based aggro decks? Maybe. Can it beat mono red and white weenie decks? Probably not. Can it beat the big three mono black devotion, mono blue devotion and Esper control? It should. It is basically a sniper for the format.

Update: So I did some testing and here a couple of changes I would make -2 Doom Blades & +2 Ultimate Price, -2 Skylashers & +2 Mistcutter Hydras and I also thinking about -2 Voyaging Satyr for +2 Lightning Strikes.



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2 responses to “MTG Brewer: Jund Burn Designed to Beat Mono Black, Mono Blue and Esper Control

  1. Have you tested any more? and what changes would you suggest now that BoTG has come out?

    • Honestly I have been focusing testing on the Modern format since Modern season is right around the corner. But here are some thoughts.

      One of the weaknesses of this deck is there are too few actionable spells which a lot ramp decks share. So sometimes you get Thoughtseized and you just draw mana dorks and lands.

      One idea I can see to go forward with this deck is a Red based devotion decks that splashes black with big finishers like Rakdos’ Return, Purphoros maybe Mogis. So the ramp comes from Nythos. It has a more straight forward game plan. The deck would be similar to the R/W devotion deck but one of the weakness of that deck is it lacks card draw so the deck is a bit swingy. Black solves all that with cards like Toil // Trouble. The B/R Devotion deck also has a couple of toys to play with in Born of the Gods. I still think if you have the room 4 Slaughter Games is a silver bullet towards U/W Control decks.

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