Random Pack Break: Modern Masters

Modern Masters was a huge success for Wizards so it is no surprise that packs are getting quite hard to find and if you do find a pack for sale, they would cost you a pretty penny. I thought I would splurge a little in between some Christmas shopping because they are always make for fun pack breaks. Here is my pack.

MTG Modern Masters

MTG Modern Masters 2

My rare is a Figure of Destiny. I actually was looking for Figure of Destinys for my Legacy burn deck like 2 years ago and eventually I picked up a set. Since then Wizards has reprinted Figure of Destiny in a bunch of sets and I have pulled a bunch of them. I have like 10 Figure of Destinys now and of course they have plummeted in value. Worst yet they aren’t really good in a Legacy burn deck anymore. The foil, Paradise Mantle is probably worth a bit more. It is part of a cute combo deck in Modern that I have considered building.

One of many reasons why Modern Masters was a huge success was Modern Masters was a ton of fun to draft. If I had this pack for a booster draft, I probably would pick the Figure of Destiny. I had the most success in this format with Red/ White aggro decks. To be fair I usually draft red no matter what set it is.


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