Batman Classic TV Heroclix Pack Break

I wanted to pick up something fun to break for the new year. I am kind of low on cash after all the holiday shopping but I hope to have a box break of 2014 Topps U.S. Olympic and Paralympic & Hopefuls sooner or later. Instead for today I got two packs of Batman Classic TV Heroclix from my local hobby store. This set is known for their insane sculpts and it is a nice throwback to the classic Batman series.

Bruce Wayne Heroclix Figure

My first pull is probably the most boring sculpt of the set, Bruce Wayne.

Egghead Heroclix Figure

Now this is a fun sculpt, Egghead. I am going to be honest I actually haven’t watch the classic Batman series so I have no idea who he is. But he seems like quite the character. I am trying to read his abilities and wow has the game of Heroclix gotten really, really complicated.

Egghead Heroclix

I don’t play often but I do play here and there and I have read the rules book a few times over and all his abilities haven’t really sunken in yet.


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One response to “Batman Classic TV Heroclix Pack Break

  1. lonestarr

    Oh man, you gotta watch the show. So ridiculous and nonsensical and fantastic.

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