Collectibles and More from My Trip to Las Vegas

I got to be a tourist again in Las Vegas this week and of course I was looking for some cool collectibles and autographs!

First off I had to go back to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop made famous by the Pawn Stars show. When I went there the last time I was in Vegas, they were expanding the shop and they were about to film for the show so I didn’t really get to see much. Now the pawn shop definitely has cemented themselves as tourist spot and they seem to regular have autographs signings. Antwaun Austin, the security guard was signing when I visited.

Pawn Stars Autograph

Pretty neat and it will go right next to my Rick Harrison auto.

I want to have a box break in Vegas and I don’t really gamble so with the money I “saved” I took a chance on this box of Tristar Hidden Treasure New York Bronx Edition instead.

Tristar Hidden Treasure Bronx Edition

I probably paid a bit too much for it but my local hobby store in NYC doesn’t carry Tristar products and I always wanted to bust one of their guaranteed signed baseball boxes. Without further ado I got

Jose Canseco Signed Baseball

Jose Canseco. Sure it is no Babe Ruth autograph but to be honest it isn’t the worst. Like him or not, you can’t deny he is a colorful character. Fun fact. Did you know Jose Canseco technically has a MMA bout under his belt.

Speaking of which, it is no secret that Las Vegas is a hotbed for MMA. Unfortunately I was about a month late for any major MMA events. Yet I didn’t recognize her at first but my brother pointed out that Cris Cyborg was having photo shoots all over Vegas. We managed to stumble upon her shoot at least twice. If Ronda Rousey is the face of women’s MMA right now, Cris Cyborg has to be the muscle. She did tested positive for steroids once but she does have some of the most exciting women MMA bouts in history.

I also got to see Jabbawockeez live. It was definitely an experience and you got to love the 2 Chainz part of the show. I definitely recommend their show at the Luxor to anyone visiting Las Vegas in the next few months.


Las Vegas is always a ton of fun and I got a bunch more random souvenirs to sort through.

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