Another Almost Awesomely, Awesome Comic: Charismagic #1 Vol 2

I have seen Charismagic comics in a bargain bin for some time now which is never a good sign. But they do peak my interest and I decided to get a little sample to see what is it all about with Charismagic #1 Vol 2 by Aspen Comics. Charismagic is an awesome, awesome name for a comic and I am actually a huge fan and collector of magic tricks and magic memorabilia. Not Magic the Gathering cards mine you (although I am a huge fan and collector of that too). So this comic is right in my wheelhouse.

Charismagic 1 Vol 2

Before I continue I want to be 100% honest that this may not be the best comic to review the series as a whole. It can be tricky to appeal to long term readers and attract new readers in a recap issue, bridging into a new storyline but this comic was a mess. There is a bit too much going on and a bit too many characters running around. The pacing is poor as the comic went from a normal day to the end of the world with everyone freaking out in like a page. Some of the dialogue is also really awkward and/ or cheesey at times.

Charismagic Panel

All in all the comic has some awesome elements but the flaws do add up so the comic doesn’t really come together. I may pick up more comics in the series just because the premise is interesting. It is why I keep reading Penny for Your Soul comics despite all its flaws.


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