Random Pack Break: 2007 Upper Deck Football Rack Pack

I don’t really follow football but I do watch the Super Bowl every year. I also don’t really collect football cards but I like to make it an annual tradition to open some sort of football pack around this time of the year. Plus the Super Bowl is in New York this year (OK technically it is in New Jersey) so it is especially exciting and there are events all over New York City.

Anyways I picked up this rack pack of 2007 Upper Deck Football because 1) – It was on sale and 2) – I can see a Peyton Manning Rookie Photo Shoot Flashback insert and it kind of goes with the whole Super Bowl theme.

2007 Upper Deck Football Rack Pack

Peyton Manning seems to have a slightly better career than the other quarterback insert I pulled… Also I didn’t notice this on the front of the pack but every base card is a Star Rookie and a rookie exclusive. It is an interesting gimmick but doesn’t that devalue every non- rookie base card in a related Upper Deck set because why bother with the regular set when you can cut to the chase and get only rookie cards?


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