2014 Topps Baseball Series 1

Topps baseball flagship set just came out which means Spring Training is right around the corner! I have my first pack of 2014 Topps Baseball Series 1, a rack pack. I just want a little taste of what Topps has to offer before I commit to buying a box.

The Base Set:

2014 Topps Baseball Base

Didn’t pull any Mets but I pulled the card that I read about on Yahoo. To be 100% honest I find the base set design boring. It is a nice, clean design but it is also a very safe design and it is really not too far off from previous year’s templates. Also the side of the card is a bit off to me.

Inserts & parallels:

2014 Topps Baseball Inserts & Parallels

From this pack and from what I read around the blogosphere, Topps seems to be up to their usual tricks. There are like a million inserts, parallels and variations. Of note, the sparkle variation is SOOO ridiculous it isn’t even funny. Does Topps really expect us to go through each card to find a tiny sparkle? Ugh…

As for the inserts, throwback designs are way overdone but the die cut card with the 1989 Topps design is an interesting twist. If I am going to picky, I wished Topps cut more along the bottom curve. Anyways knowing Topps expect die cuts from other years in the very near future. Topps also it doing another code giveaway thingy with Power Players. I didn’t bother reading the rules but I assume it is like years past. It was awesome the first time around but they really lost its coolness factor like two years ago.

I am probably going to collect the cards I need for my PC and skip completing the base or inserts sets. The question is whether or not to buy a box?


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  1. I’m not an A’s fan, but I really like the Sean Doolittle card. Some of the photography in this set that I’ve seen does look to be really cool, and I guess that applies to the Morales card as well. They’re not just a straight up player image, they show some of their personality as well.
    But as you said, I’m personally not totally sold on the design of the side of the cards or the ridiculous number of inserts. Although Topps have been like that for a while, it really has gone too far now.

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