100 Baseball Cards Repack with Vintage Cards

I had a lot of time to kill (we all have friends that are always late…) so as I was picking up a drink at Rite Aid, I also picked up one of those 100 baseball cards repack. According to the packaging, this one has 3 vintage cards inside and I have 1 in 8 chance for a memorabilia card.

I think these are the vintage cards in my pack.

Vintage Baseball cards

The Fritz Ackley & Don Buford 1964 Topps Rookie Stars are the oldest cards in the pack and honestly there aren’t too many products out there where you can pulled random cards from the 60’s. After I finished scanning all the cards, if your definition of vintage baseball cards is anything before 1980 I also found a Mike Hargrove 1977 Topps in the bunch.

Here are some of the other more interesting cards.

Baseball Cards from Repack

My brother collects Donruss Kings from all years and he actually didn’t have Rich Dotson so that is going to his PC. These repacks really have quite the eclectic mix of cards. Sure most of the cards are from the 80’s and 90’s but the cards range from 1964 Topps to 2007 Topps with Donruss, Bowman Chrome, Pacific and everything in between. They don’t cost a lot and they make for fun break in my opinion.



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2 responses to “100 Baseball Cards Repack with Vintage Cards

  1. Can’t complain when you pull a 64. Earliest I ever got from a 100 card repack is a couple 71s.

  2. That 64 card isn’t bad considering Fritz’s unibrow and future Baltimore Orioles Don Buford. Also love that Gold Label set.

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