2014 Topps WWE: My Best Pull from a Rack Pack Ever!

As far as I can recall, I have never pulled a hit from retail rack pack ever. Not a single autograph or even jersey card so pretty much any hit from a rack pack would be my best ever. Yet this card I pull from a 2014 Topps WWE rack pack is pretty sweet. But first the base cards…

2014 Topps WWE

The base cards and inserts are kind of boring and it would really be a boring pack break until I pull this card…

Summer Rae Kiss Card

It is a Summer Rae kiss card and it is probably worth a pretty penny. This one pack is already more exciting than my entire box of 2013 Topps Best of WWE. Honestly I was thinking about picking up a hobby box of 2014 Topps WWE but I think I will spare myself the disappointment since I just know I won’t be able to top this.



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6 responses to “2014 Topps WWE: My Best Pull from a Rack Pack Ever!

  1. Now that’s what I call a Summer Rae HOT! pack.

  2. lonestarr

    Woo, sick pull! You’ve been due a nice wrestling hit for awhile. Congrats, my friend! 😀

  3. HT

    between this kiss card and the jordan-woods dual, which wins?

    • It was actually a Jordan and LeBron dual auto from World of Sports and I have to go with Jordan and LeBron easily. If it was Tiger Woods I would probably be less attached and I could probably sell the card, but I just can’t with Jordan/ LeBron. : )

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