2013 Commander Decks Set and My Nicol Bolas EDH Deck

I finally, finally got my hands on a set of 2013 Commander Decks and I paid just slightly under MSRP too. When it comes to collecting, I am not usually one to wait but I had to in the case because commander decks where either A) – Sold out as soon it was put of the shelves or B) – Crazily marked up.

The deck everyone really wanted though is Mind Seize.

Commander Deck Mind Seize

More specifically everyone was looking for this card.

True Name Nemesis

True-Name Nemesis is legacy staple and it is currently worth $40 and the decks’ MSRP is $30 so you can see why there was a huge run for them. Wizards has said they will reprint these deck to satisfy demand but because these Commander decks are printed as a set of five, its print run is drag down by the weakest deck. Basically these Commander decks will be rare and will be more scarce as time passes.

Anyways I don’t just play Legacy. I actually play a lot of Commander. Fun Fact: Commander used to be known as/ is still sometimes called EDH which you may or may not know stands for Elder Dragon Highlander. Highlander means you can have only one copy of each non- basic land and the Elder Dragons was a cycle of a kick ass legends from the set Legends. So in the spirit of the early days of Commander/ EDH I wanted to build a deck based on a Elder Dragon. That dragon I picked was the strongest of Elder Dragons, Nicol Bolas.

Here is the decklist on Tappedout.net.

Honestly it is a pile of cards from the Mind Seize deck and cards I wanted to play. One cute line of play is to cast Diabolic Revelation for Cauldron Dance, Triskelion and Mikaeus, the Unhallowed. Play Triskelion, ping someone for three. On your next turn in the attack phase, cast Cauldron Dance and put both Triskelion and Mikaeus, the Unhallowed into play. With both Triskelion and Mikaeus, you can deal infinite damage as long as no one has any instant speed graveyard removal. Another “fun” card is Standstill. The game becomes a blinking contest to see would react first.


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  1. That card is ridiculous, playing one on one in a tournament unless you counter it its unstoppable.

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