Betrayal of the Guardian WoW TCG Pack Break and A Budget Hearthstone Deck

I have to admit I have been playing Hearthstone a lot the last two months or so. It is a wildly addictive card game and the interface is quite polished, compared to say MTGO. Hearthstone of course is the World of Warcraft TCG repackaged/ recycled/ rebooted or however you want to phrase it. In fact I got a WoW TCG pack from the Betrayal of the Guardian set. So I guess you can say this is a blast of the past even if these cards only came out a year ago.

Betrayal of the Guardians

Wow Cards

Wow TCG Cards

WoW TCG is “dead” so you can find packs really cheap. It is actually a fun game but the problem is finding someone to play with which I guess is where Hearthstone comes in. It is kind of cool to see parallels between the two games. For example the art on the Durnholde Tracking Hound is also the art on the Unleash the Hounds card in Hearthstone.

Speaking of Hearthstone, with my foundation in Magic I picked up the game pretty quickly and my go to deck for grinding Hearthstone to get gold, to get packs, to get dust to finally get legendaries was a dirt cheap Mage Control deck. It basically answers all your opponent’s threats, draws more cards than your opponent and has strong end game to finish off games. If you are curious about my decklist you can find that here. It is a very good deck to start off with as the only rare is Azure Drake. I admit though as I go up the ranks I have switched to a more powerful Druid ramp deck.

If you want to challenge me in Hearthstone you can shoot me an email. I can’t say I am the best Hearthstone player in the world but I like to think I am competitive.


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