Awesomely Awesome Comics: Abadazad

In my opinion, Abadazad is the greatest story never finished. Big words I know. It is a whimsical Wizard of Oz/ Alice in Wonderland like tale by JM DeMatteis. With giving away too much, it tells the story of a girl, Kate in an epic adventure to find her missing brother, kidnapped by the Lanky Man. She journeys though a weird and magical land, Abadazad facing all sort of hurdles along the way. It seems like a fantasy cliche but DeMatteis really weaves a wonderful world with characters that really captures your imagination. The story is memorizing and addictive and it pains me to known that there will never be a resolution.

Abadazad Master Wix

Abadazad came in two forms, the comics published by Crossgen and the “children’s” book/ comic hybrid produced after they were bought out. Both are excellent.

Crossgen Abadazad 3

Abadazad The Dream Thief

As I was saying, Abadazad was never completed with Crossgen and when Disney bought out Crossgen, there was big plans for Abadazad, including talks about a movie but unfortunately only the first and second book came out in the US and the third book was only released in the UK. If I am not mistaken, it was supposed to be a seven book series. The third book is worth a pretty penny nowadays and I suspect it too will end in a cliffhanger. I am really debating whether to spent the $30+ to pick up book 3 since there is like 0% that the story will ever be finished.

For all the Abadazad fans out there, this is probably the closest we ever going to have to a resolution.


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