Free Comic Book Day 2014

Today is Free Comic Book Day! Free Comic Book Day seems to be more popular than ever and comic book stores around New York City were out of comics much quicker than I can recall from year’s past. Midtown Comics, which is probably the biggest and most popular comic book store in NYC were out of comics by 12. I guess it is nice to see Free Comic Book Day becoming such a huge deal. Luckily I have my local comic book store, Chameleon Comics and they have a few comics left over. There was a 2 comics limit which was down from a 3 limit last year. I am not complaining and I got a bunch of friends together so we can pool our comics and here is our pool.

Future's End

The big comic this year is Future’s End. I skimmed it and it is quite dark. I am probably skipping this crossover event after collecting most of Forever Evil.

Dark Horse Sampler

I got the Dark Horse sampler and I am probably most excited about Itty Bitty Hellboy!

Kaboom Sampler

Archie Free Comic Book Day

We can’t say no to Adventure Time and Archie.

Red Giant Pandora's Blogs

Finally Red Giant Entertainment made a huge splash this year with a 4 comics package and it is really 8 comics since each is a flip book two comics. With a quick glance, the comics look interesting and the art is solid.

The Legend of Oz The Wicked West

Going on a tangent, this week’s comic book new releases were kind of weak. But I picked up Big Dog Ink The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #15 and I am thinking of having a little review on the series in the very near future.

By the way, while we were picking up comics for Free Comic Book Day we also all got Journey to Nyx intro decks to have a little tournament. I got the R/B minotaur deck and I got wrecked…


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