Deadpool Heroclix Pack Break

The latest Heroclix set is Deadpool. I am more of a collector of the miniatures/ sculpts and Heroclix has really been hitting out the of the park lately. I have one pack of Deadpool Heroclix at the moment and there are five miniatures per pack.

Deadpool Heroclix Pack

Headpool and Black Cat are two of the few figures I really wanted out of the set so I am quite happy with the pack. It is a very small sample size but it seems that Heroclix took a small step back in sculpts. The scuplts from the last set, Superman and the Legion of Superheroes Heroclix was top notch for the most part and the sculpts in Deadpool are a bit boring.

I doubt I will ever run out a Deadpool team but the word balloon mechanic is interesting.


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