Awesomely Bad Comics – The Amazing Spider-Man #559

Spider-Man Brand New Day and its lead up, One More Day will go down as one of Marvel Comics greatest misses. It is a textbook example of changing the status quo of an iconic character too much. It really is quite the feat to create Spider-Man comics that are almost universally hated. The kicker? Many of the individual storylines were actually not that bad but when taken as a whole that is where the problem starts…

Staying positive first (because there is a lot of negativity about One More Day and Brand New Day already), one bright side of Brand New Day is that Marvel experimented with several new villains in the Spidey universe. The Amazing Spider-Man 559 introduces two new villains Screwball and Paper Doll.

Spider-Man Screwball

Spider-Man Paper Doll

Screwball is a thrill seeker and parkour specialist who wants to toy around with Spider-Man so she can get hits in her webshow. Paper Doll is a supervillian who is obsessed with celebrity Bobby Carr and she can become paper thin and blend in with her surroundings. I find both very interesting (Paper Doll probably more so) and I definitely would like to read more about them. But you probably won’t see either much in action anymore. They certainly won’t be in the next Spider-Man movie.

Now for the bad. As part of the Brand New Day storyline in this issue, the Daily Bugle is bought out and become a tabloid newspaper and Peter Parker is hired as a paparazzi. This is all quite cringe worthy like many of the random sweeping changes Brand New Day brings. It is only interesting in that you get curious just to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Spider-Man Paparazzi

All the cool villains to come from these issues may (or may not) be overshadowed by all the negativity to One More Day and Brand New Day and it is a shame. I wished they was a “director cut” of all the Brand New Day issues which cuts out all the dumb storylines.


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  1. Just curious about Paper Doll and her ability to suck the fluids out of the people she envelopes with her flat body. Is this something she HAS to do(much like a classic vampire such as Dracula or Morbius) or just something she does as a means of incapacitating them. And why is she so PALE?

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