Cryptozoic Adventure Time Card Wars

There is an episode of Adventure Time that featured a kind of parody of Magic: The Gathering, called Card Wars. The game was actually pretty epic but impossible to recreate in the “real” world. But you just know someone would try and I wanted to take a little peak at Cryptozoic take on Card Wars with a For the Glory! booster pack. There are 9 cards per pack.

Cryptozoic Adventure Time Card Wars

Cryptozoic is probably best know for their World of Warcraft TCG which is no longer in print. Unfortunately lately they have been in the news for all the wrong reasons as they are been suing by Wizards of the Coast for Cryptozoic’s latest push for a flagship title Hex being a bit to similar to Magic.

So what about Adventure Time Card Wars? I need a starter set to play but that is clearly label on the pack so I took a look at the rules. OK I skimmed the rules. Basically there are 4 lanes to fight and defend. The combat, damage and spells are all similar Hearthstone (or WoW TCG). The flooping is like Magic: The Gathering without summoning sickness. The mana system is very, very simple. You have two actions per turns and cards cost 0,1 or 2 actions.

As for the cards in this pack, there are a lot of weird characters in Adventure Time and I actually don’t remember any of the characters I pulled. There are 1 rare and 2 uncommons in a pack so I am guessing they are the foil cards.

So do I want to go out and buy the starters decks and play Card Wars? Yea… but probably because I want to say I floop the pig…


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