Took a Look at Topps Power Players

Topps Power Players is Topps’ big promotion this year. Like in years past, card with codes are randomly inserted in Topps base set and input in the site to unlock virtual cards that can potentially be real cards. I may be a bit late to the party but I finally decided to take a look at the Topps Power Players site.

Topps Power Players

Topps Power Players is an interesting gimmick but unlike say Topps Million Card Giveaway, Power Players seem unnecessarily confusing with a bit too many hurdles to go through. With Topps Million Card Giveaway, in theory every card is a winner. With Power Players you have cards with codes, which unlocks the player in your “locker” and when you unlock a player, you can choose him to be active or not. Twice a week, Topps will select a player of the week, which can be for whatever reason. For each Player of the Day, each person with that player active and unlocked will be entered in a drawing and a winner will be randomly picked.

There is also a small chance by entering a code you can be an instant winner but for the most part (unless I am missing something) there really isn’t many winners. I wonder if it really worth to actively try to collect these cards. If you start late, you are pretty much at a disadvantage. Plus someone with a really good player has a better chance of winning than a locker full of average players.

Even if you do win, I wonder if you even want your card. There are big prizes for like collecting the whole set (which is a mammoth task) but the most common prize is probably an exclusive gold parallel. Given that shipping it to you is almost $3, I would be hesitant to do so.


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