2010 Tristar TNA Wrestling Icons Blaster Break

There really isn’t much that sets Tristar TNA products apart. They tend to have the same hit ratios and since wrestling rosters don’t change as much as say baseball teams, the cards tend to be of the same people year after year. That being said 2010 Tristar TNA Wrestling Icons is probably the weakest of the Tristar releases. The designs were OK, nothing special but there are a lot little things that kind of bug me. For example, I am huge fan of Mick Foley but his excerpts from his book cards feels a lot like ads in the set.

Mick Foley Book Excerpts

But you can get 2010 Tristar TNA Wrestling Icons blasters for pretty cheap nowadays and it is guaranteed an autograph so it can still make for a fun, cheap break.

Tristar TNA Icons

I did say that wrestling rosters don’t change much year to year but comparing 2010 to the present, it is interesting to see how many wrestlers are no longer with TNA. Speaking of which for my guaranteed autograph I got Desmond Wolfe aka Nigel McGuinness.

Desmond Wolfe Autograph

Desmond Wolfe started off strong in TNA but suffered from some health setbacks. He is an interesting character and I don’t mind adding this autograph to my collection.


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