My First 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Box Break

It is almost a sure thing that I will pick up at least a box of Allen & Ginter every year. I just love the weird and eclectic mix of characters in the set and I probably have more fun breaking these boxes any any other products in the past. First the box topper.

2014 Topps A&G Jose Canseco Box Topper

Jose Canseco is popping up in more and more products lately and I always seem to be pulling his cards, autographs, etc…

The Base Set:

2014 Topps A&G Base Cards

2014 Topps A&G Base Cards Oddball


2014 Topps A&G Inserts


2014 Topps A&G Minis

There aren’t many products that have both Snoop Lion and The Iron Sheik in it and the cat mini subset is really out there. One thing I did noticed though is a lot of the minis are mis-cut. They are all slightly different sizes. Like in years past, there is so many parallels and inserts and I really have to look them up to see if I pulled any super rare ones. Speaking of which is this Desmond Jennings base cards and Yogi Berra mini no number parallels? I am assuming the Yogi Berra is a short print and the Desmond Jenning cards is an error. Here are the backs with a card to compare.

2014 Topps A&G No Number Parallels

My first two hits I pulled are kind of meh.

2014 Topps A&G Ryan Zimmerman Adrian Beltre Relic Cards

They are game used memorabilia cards of Ryan Zimmerman and Adrian Beltre. The last hit in the box is a lot more interesting though.

2014 Topps A&G Anthony Robles Event Used Signed Card

It is a event used card of wrestler Anthony Robles. I wikied his name and his story seems familiar. He is a wrestler with one leg who overcame great odds in his sport. What makes this card interesting though is the piece of fabric on the card is actually signed. It is the ANT of Anthony. As a collector, I thought is shame that this autograph is cut up to probably at least four pieces. I kind of wish they kept item as a whole or at the very least kept the autograph in one piece on a card with a larger window. As is, the card is still the most exciting pull in an admittedly a rather lackluster box.



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5 responses to “My First 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Box Break

  1. Considering how many animal sets there were in early tobacco cards I would say the cat mini’s were more appropriate than out there.

  2. Dan

    That’s actually a pretty nice box. The framed relics like the Beltre are pretty rare this year. To answer one question, the Berra is a parallel, no number mini /50. That’s a desired Ginter pull. I also pulled the Jennings without a number out of a pack, have no idea what the deal is there.

  3. The no number berra mini is out of 50 so that’s pretty nice. The no number jennings seems to be popping up a lot, its either a mistake across the print run or something to do with the ginter code, thanks for sharing the box!

  4. The no number minis are limited to 50, but not serial numbered so that’s a nice pull. I’d trade for it, but I think you’d probably get a few bucks for it on Ebay. I haven’t opened a single pack, but I’ll be chasing those Air Supremacy inserts.

    • I am probably going to keep the Yogi Berra mini for now. My family are Yankee fans so it should make a good gift.
      But you need help with completing the Air Supremacy set shoot me an email whenever and I can see if I can help.

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