Are Miscut Baseball Cards Worth Anything?

This miscut 1987 Topps Devon White rookie card that was pulled from a repack caught my eye the other day.

Devon White Miscut

I know miscut Magic cards can be worth a pretty penny (though admittedly only to a niche group of collectors.) Miscut Magic cards where you can see two cards are especially of note. I was wondering how rare is this and if miscut baseball cards are worth anything. Maybe this normally $0.05 card is worth $2.00?

Either way I think this card is quite interesting and unique and I am considering maybe starting a little miscut/ misprint card collection. The more miscut the better!



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13 responses to “Are Miscut Baseball Cards Worth Anything?

  1. Yes. We niche group. We weirdos of the misaligned. 🙂 That’s a sweet miscut.

  2. Jack Rackham

    My Answer would be Yes.
    I have been a collector of Baseball Cards for 25 years. A category that represents my collection: Miscuts
    Among the best examples in my collection: 1970 Topps Willie Mays
    1974 Topps Dave Winfield RC
    1. There are far fewer examples of Miscuts on average.
    2. Miscuts of Star Players will be worth the most, but even a 5 or 10 cent common can be worth a $1 or $2 to a collector.
    3. Remember – Condition is Everything. Many of these cards have been mishandled and abused. You should apply the same Grading principles as you would to a correctly cut card. (4 Sharp Corners, No Creases, Smooth Edges, Etc.) The Miscut condition should be the only Flaw.

    • Gary Smith

      Howdy. I came across a few mis-cuts of non-notables and wanted to find out if you’d be interested in them – all are Topps: 1970 Camilo Pascual- Reds, 1968 John Buzhardt-Houston and 1968 Greg Goosen-Mets. Thanx for your time and let me know if you have interest.

  3. ronnie

    i acquired 200 miscuts, lets discuss, from 82 to 87 topps

  4. Donald Lawson

    Are you still interested in collecting miscuts? I have quite a few in my collection that I would be willing to part with.

  5. k. morgan

    so much for my 1960 topps mickey mantle no. 350 miscut all along the bottom at about 10 degrees. i’ve had it since new, so it came that way.

  6. Mark Garcia

    I’ve got a 1972 Willie Mays miscut. The first miscut I have just discovered today. They are unique amongst the rest.

  7. Chris

    I have some miscuts also and not sure what to do with them…. If you want to check them out give me a shout….

  8. Teddy

    I have miscut Michael Jordan baseball cards

  9. Douglas Krusell

    All mine are miss cut

  10. Douglas Krusell

    My 1987 topps baseball cards are all miss cut

  11. I have a 1956 Topps #182 PAUL MINNER miscut card. It’s not perfect, but not bad shape either!!

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