Oddball Pack Break: Dragon Ball GT Collectible Card Game

I recently came across this pack of Dragon Ball GT.

Dragon Ball GT Pack

From what I can get from the packaging, it is a card game made by Tesla Distribuzione in 1998 and it is not in English. I am not 100% sure what language it is in (Italian?) but I can make out that you can pull 1 metal card or 2 rares. Interesting. The pack is something you don’t see every day so it really piqued my interests.

Dragon Ball GT Cards

Dragon Ball GT Metal Card

So I pulled a metal card and the cards in general are wicked cool. The game came out in the late 90’s which is basically when everyone was making CCGs aka TCGs and it really felt like a new one was coming out like every week. The CCGs business model was flaw though. In a nutshell, you really need a large passionate fanbase for the game to be fun (and profitable for the company) but CCGs can be a huge commitment, so many aren’t willing to make the commitment unless they are sure they can play with at least a core gaming group. Spending hundreds of dollars on a game that no one plays is no fun. So there is a bit of catch-22. I know companies tried everything back in the day like ambassador programs, tournaments etc but most are short lived. Everyone thought they can be the next Magic: The Gathering. This is unfortunate because there are lot of CCGs out there that are actually solid games but are largely forgotten nowadays.

Anyways, I was thinking it can be fun to try to find some of the more obscure CCGs and blog about it…


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