How Much Value Can You Get From a Baseball Card Repack?

It is pretty much common knowledge that repacks aren’t worth it. But what if they are on sale. At what price are repacks worth it? I put that theory to the test. I got this repack for $10.99, 40% off. It has two authentic jersey & card sets and 10 packs. So at 40% off was it worth it?

The ten packs are:

2007 Topps Baseball Series One
2007 Topps Baseball Series Two x2
2008 Topps Baseball Series One
2008 Upper Deck Timeline
2007 Fleer Ultra
2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes
2008 Bowman
2008 Upper Deck Series 2
and of course what repack isn’t complete without a 80’s pack
1988 Donruss Baseball

As you can see 2007 and 2008 probably wasn’t a good year for baseball cards. I see a ton of packs from these years in countless repacks.

Value is kind of subjective and cards almost never go for book value. So value to me is if I am going to keep the card or if I think they are going have any trade value. I have most of the 2007 and 2008 base cards. In fact, I actually have too many base cards from 2007 and 2008 so I really should getting rid of them to free up some space in my room. Here are some of the more “valuable” cards I pulled.

Random Baseball Cards

I overlooked a bunch of boring inserts and rookie cards of bench players, relief pitchers etc. Odds are that I probably have the Kuroda rookie card already and Diamond Kings are really the only 80’s baseball cards I care about because my brother collects them.

Here are bunch of cards I may use as throw ins in trades.

More Random Baseball Cards

For my two card sets I pulled…

Ichiro Roberto Alomar Jersey Card Frames

Ichiro which is going to my PC and it is a nice score for this repack. The other is Roberto Alomar who was a Met at one point but the card is really hard to be excited for.

Oh and this is probably going to throw the calculations off but I did pull an auto.

Bob Fontaine Jr Autograph

It is from the Bowman pack and it is from one of their experiments, baseball scouts autographs. I think it is a little weird and I have no idea what the market is for these cards.

I actually have had some success with pulling hits from repacks. I pulled a couple of relic cards and I remember pulling a pretty sweet Beam Team autograph once. So maybe the odds of pulling an hit isn’t astronomical.

So all in all, repacks aren’t completely worthless. There is some concern that packs are resealed but maybe I am lucky but I never had that problem. With this repack, I did get a stack of cards that probably is just going to take up space but at about a $1 a pack with some random throw- ins it can be a fun cheap break. So my unscientific conclusion is if you can get repacks for 40% off or better or maybe a repack that comes to about a dollar a pack it is worth it.


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