I Lied… Just One More 2010 Tristar TNA The New Era Blaster Break

First off wow, what a roller coaster ride for TNA and their fans. After riding a wave of momentum coming from the New York City tapings, comes the news that TNA won’t be back with SpikeTV at the end of the year. TNA has had a history of what ifs. They could have been a competitor, an alternative to WWE but they never quite got their footing…

Anyways, Tristar TNA blasters can be found for sale for pretty cheap. I found this blaster of 2010 TNA The New Era at K-Mart for only $5.99. With a guaranteed autographed, you just can’t beat that. I pretty sure I have a set (although the cards are all over that place) so I am really only looking at the hit hit of the blaster and that is

TNA Doug Williams Auto

a Douglas Williams autograph. I like Douglas Williams and I love his finisher but I think I may be picking up too many of these Tristar TNA blaster since I believe this is the third Douglas Williams autograph I have pulled…

Anyways, next week is New York Comic Con!! It is my favorite time of year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get tickets for all four days (for the first time in years) but I will make the most of it.



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2 responses to “I Lied… Just One More 2010 Tristar TNA The New Era Blaster Break

  1. HT

    I’ve come to enjoy comic cons for the cool sketch cards I can pick up from visiting artists. Have fun!

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