2014 Topps Stadium Club Mini Box Break

First off, my brother is a huge Kansas City Royals fan (it is a long story) and this is the year to be a fan. I love underdogs so I admit I am jumping on the bandwagon and rooting for them to win it all this year too. I have a 20 – 30 year bias so when I think of the Royals and the Orioles I think of them as the worst teams in the American League yet these are the last two remaining AL teams this postseason. Wow.

Anyways I haven’t open many baseball packs lately so I picked up a 2014 Topps Stadium Club mini box today.

2014 Topps Stadium Club

It is 6 packs per mini box, 5 cards per pack and 1 guaranteed on card autograph.

2014 Stadium Club Cards

2014 Stadium Club Back

The Travis d’Arnaud rookie card is pretty sweet and the George Brett base card pull is pretty timely. The parallels are barely noticeably with a quick glance. I pulled a gold foil parallel of Roberto Clemente and some sort of parallel of Matt Carpenter. I also got a Field Access insert of Derek Jeter and Jeter cards are in demand right now especially in New York City so I should be able to trade it for something. My autograph is

James Jones Auto Stadium Club

of James Jones. They name isn’t familiar so I have to look it up and he had an OK rookie season.

All in all, not a bad release by Topps. It is in fact one of the few new releases that caught my attention. Stadium Club is known for great photography and that continued. I am not sure of this set has a throwback design of a Stadium Club from the 90’s but the front design definitely invokes the Stadium Club brand/ feel and the back is very 90’s-ish since it has a lot of color.


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