2014 Leaf Pop Century Box Break

I picked up this box of 2014 Leaf Pop Century in New York Comic Con last weekend. It has four autographs per box and I figured it would be a fun box break.

My first autograph is Melissa Rycroft numbered 22/25.

Melissa Rycroft Autograph

I have no idea who she is. Second down is Dave Hester.

Dave Hester Autograph

Dave Hester is from the reality show Storage Wars. I watched the show once or twice but this autograph honestly is kind of meh. Not a good start but the third autograph is a lot more interesting though.

Kid N Play Autograph

Kid ‘n Play is a fine example one why I love opening these type of products. It is just so random and I was pretty excited about pulling this one. But the fourth autograph is by far the most exciting…

Norman Reedus Autograph

It is a Norman Reedus autograph numbered 5/5!! I am a huge Walking Dead fan and I wanted a Reedus autograph for some time now. I was even considered going to the Wizard World New York last year mainly for his autograph (but in the end it would just cost too much). Norman Reedus was signing in New York Comic Con this year too but only on Saturday but it all worked out in the end.



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4 responses to “2014 Leaf Pop Century Box Break

  1. HT

    Most excellent. Congrats

  2. Glad you got a good one. Dave Hester is like the Storage Wars version of the villains in pro wrestling.

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