2014 Topps UFC Champions Blaster Break

I haven’t open many UFC packs lately so I thought I will take a chance with a blaster of 2014 Topps UFC Champions. It has 10 packs plus a bonus “relic” card.

2014 Topps UFC Champions

2014 Topps UFC Champions Inserts

I don’t say this too often but I like the design of the base cards. I love how the fighters pop out from the background. The inserts are another story though. They are bit of an afterthought. Anyone can come up with the idea of a insert with a fight poster on front and the fight card on the back. The parallels are the real problem though. I can’t tell them apart. The most common parallel is silver (1 in 2 packs) so I know I have some silver parallels but I can’t tell them apart from the base cards. I think the John Howard card is a silver parallel and the Sarah Kaufman card is a Black parallel (100/188). If you look at the top row, they are just three slightly different shades of black and grey. Under them is the Hector Lombard dark purple parallel (88/88). I also couldn’t it tell them apart from the other cards and I would have missed it if I didn’t noticed the serial number on the back.

Anyways, I did pull a hit.

Jessamyn Duke Mat Card

It is a mat relic card of Jessamyn Duke, one of the self proclaimed Four Horsewomen of MMA. Unfortunately being part of the Four Horsewomen (unless you are Ronda Rousey) has been a bit of curse lately. I am normally not a fan of mat cards but The TUF 18 Finale has some history. It is the finale of the first Ultimate Fighter featuring female fighters.

Here is the pack the bonus “relic” card came in

Bonus Relic Pack

and here is the “relic” card.

Vitor Belfort Commemorative Belt Plate

Is it just me or it kind of misleading to call this a relic card? Topps have been using the phase relic cards to be synonyms with game used cards for year now. This card looks cool and all but it definitely not a game used card. Also I am not a huge fan of Vitor Belfort. How many times has he been caught with steroids as of now?

All in all, it is a strong collectible MMA product but it isn’t like there are any other alternatives…


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