Lost CCGs: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Collectible Card Game

Lost CCGs (Collectible Card Game) is a segment on the blog where I take a look at forgotten perhaps overlooked CCGs from years past. At one point, seemingly every collectible, every gaming company was coming out with a new CCG and it seemed like there was a new CCG on the market every week. Then the market crashed…

I was buying dog food on Amazon and needed a couple extra bucks to get free shipping. I looked around Amazon for a cheap board game or card game and I found two starter decks of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Collectible card that would be perfect. I was a huge fan of Buffy and these starter decks were based on the episode The Wish, which had a fun alternate reality story.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Collectible Card Game

The first starter deck are the good guys (and gals), Buffy and Oz and the second are the bad guys (and gals), Vampire Willow and Vampire Xander. The cards themselves remind me of old fantasy 90’s designs. They are kind of busy, the borders probably weren’t a good idea and some of the screen shots are a bit blurry but I think the cards work for the game. The double sided character “essence” cards though stand out among the other CCGs of the same time.

Buffy CCG Cards

This is truly a dead CCG as I can’t even find the full rulebook of the game. There are few resources here and there but they are scattered and incomplete. I filled in some big gaps and managed to play a “game” or two. But I don’t really want comment on the mechanics of the game since I am not sure I got them right. If anyone has a full rulebook, please, please forward it to me.

Looking up the game I can see how Score Entertainment messed up the game. Score is known for their sports cards and if I had to hazard a guess they were new to the CCG world. The rule book was poorly written and it wasn’t even included with the starter decks which is a horrible idea. You should at least have a small rules insert. There certainly was space for them. But the worst sin is that you can’t even play with just the starter decks (at least the first set). It was missing a few cards so you need to pick up at least few packs just to play a basic game. That is just greedy and short- sighted and I can see how people got frustrated with the game. Again this is based on what I read and not from experience.

There are some fans of this game and there are a lot of Buffy fans in general. The game does sound interesting. If it was better managed, it probably would have seen some success.



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7 responses to “Lost CCGs: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Collectible Card Game

  1. If I remember correctly, the CCG came out right as the show was heading to its final seasons and Score probably decided it wasn’t worth continuing without a show on the air.

    I don’t think I ever tried to play the game, but I did collect the cards. I ended up buying a box of The Wish theme decks at NY Comic Con for about $20 in 2005 or 2006. They weren’t really intended to be “starter” decks, but rather a way to give existing players new characters to build a deck around.
    (Still a poor choice by Score, since the actual starter decks weren’t easy to find by the time these came out.)

    • Interesting. It sounds like Score was better off with a Living Card Game model where there is no rarity and you buy cards as expansions so you can get four or so decks to play right off the bat.

      • That may have worked better for them…I don’t really know. It would have been fun to see the game continue on long enough to get to seasons 4-7 (and it certainly would have been nice if it had a larger player base.)

  2. This is an old post so it won’t matter, but just to clarify: The Wish theme decks aren’t starters. They’re pre-constructed decks with cards you couldn’t get elsewhere, but the rule books themselves were included with the starter decks for the original set (Pergamum Prophecy) and an updated rulebook appeared in the starter decks for the final set (Class of ’99).

    To answer Paul’s question, the game debuted around the time Season 5 premiered. There were 3 sets: Pergamum Prophecy (season 1 and the beginning of season 2), Angel’s Curse (S2 Angel loosing his soul, Kendra, etc), and Class of ’99 (season 3). Class of ’99 also includes the theme decks for The Wish as well as 6 preview cards for what would have been the season 4 expansion, Slayer on Campus, but the game was cancelled before that was released.

    I used to work on the game and was doing some googling when I found this post, so figured I’d clear that up. 🙂

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