The Flash Heroclix Pack Break

One of the things I picked during Black Friday was a pack of The Flash Heroclix. I am a huge fan of the Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion storyline so I am very excited about this set and excited about new figures for the Rogues.

The Flash Heroclix

For the Rogues, I pulled just Captain Boomerang. I guess I will probably buy the Rogues Fast Forces pack in the end to have the whole team. Anyways, it is a small sample size but the sculpts are kind of boring compared the other recent Heroclix releases. How many sculpts are there with flying figures with their wings spread out or an figure standing there just pointing a gun? With that being said, the Gorilla Grodd sculpt is outstanding and the Flash figure is still awesome.

I definitely foresee me buying more The Flash Heroclix packs and/ or singles to complete the Rogues set. Between the base set, the Fast Forces pack and the single pack gravity feed set, there are quite a few different versions of each Rogue.


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