Lost CCGs: World of Warcraft TCG

I don’t have any packs this week since I spent my weekly “budget” on virtual cards, Hearthstone’s newest set Goblins vs Gnomes so I thought it would be a good time to take a look back at the World of Warcraft CCG/ TCG.

Unlike other lost CCGs I have highlighted on this blog, World of Warcraft only went out of print last year. It was first published by Upper Deck Entertainment. As we know, Upper Deck made a number of questionable business decisions (like making bootleg Yu-Gi-Oh cards) and lost the license in 2010. Cryptozoic Entertainment then took the mantle only to lose the license when Blizzard decided to make Hearthstone.

Wow Cards

World of Warcraft TCG took a lot of inspiration from Magic and improved a lot of the more unpopular aspects of MTG, namely the quest/ mana crystals, be able to attack allies or heroes and the damage not removed at the end of the turn mechanics. Loot cards were a blessing and a curse. They were a huge draw for collectors opening boxes because they were highly desirable in the World of Warcraft game. But unfortunately they drew attention away from the card game and many people were only opening boxes for the loot cards and flooding the market with non loot cards.

I say World of Warcraft TCG is a lost CCG because it is completely overshadowed by the super popular Hearthstone game. Hearthstone repackaged a lot of the art and mechanics from the WoW TCG. It simplifies some of the mechanics like the mana system and redesigned some other mechanics to take advantage of the computer card game format like putting a random card in your hand. I love Hearthstone but wouldn’t mind playing a game of WoW TCG too (but not right now since I brewing with all the new Goblins vs Gnomes cards).

By the way if you are interested, here is a fun brew I have been tinkering with since the release.

2 Clockwork Gnome
2 Undertaker
2 Frostbolt
2 Unstable Portal
2 Explosive Sheep
2 Snowchugger
1 Unstable Ghoul
2 Harvest Golem
2 Tinkertown Technician
2 Fireball
1 Polymorph
1 Goblin Blastmage
2 Mechanical Yeti
2 Piloted Shredder
2 Sludge Belcher
1 Caine Bloodhoof
1 Sylvanas Windrunner
1 Flamestrike

It is a gimmicky value midrange mech mage deck.

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