2014 Bowman Sterling Baseball Pack Break

This is the first post of 2015! I was looking for something special and fun to break this week and I settled on a pack of 2014 Bowman Sterling Baseball.

2014 Bowman Sterling Baseball

It has only four cards per pack but three of them are autographs.

2014 Bowman Sterling Baseball Autos

My non auto is an Aaron Sanchez 1989 Bowman is Back Silver Diamond Refractor which I believe is one per box. It may be just me but I think the old throwback design with the futurist diamond refractor look is kind of weird. The three autographs are Gary Sanchez, Clint Frazier and Gareth Morgan. I actually have a signed Gary Sanchez baseball so I am definitely rooting for him to have a big career. *fingers crossed* Actually I am probably going to keep all three autographs so I can take look back in a couple of years and see where they end up.

Bowman Sterling is probably one of the better high end products out there right now. Of course I wish the autographs were on card rather than stickers especially for products that cost $200+. The designs are pretty cliché at this point but they do look good. All in all, I probably won’t be picking up a box but a 2014 Bowman Sterling Baseball pack is probably better than getting two random blasters.


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