Domos and Vinylmation Collectible Figures from Orlando

I picked a really, really good week to go to Orlando, missing Winter Storm Juno (even though the snowfall in New York City turned out a lot less than expected). The weather was just perfect down in Florida.

I haven’t been to either Universal Studios or Disney World in like 10+ years. Of all the parks, Epcot was always my favorite but Universal Studios has really stepped up their game especially in the Harry Potter sections. The attention to small details had me in awe a number of times.

Anyways, every time I travel somewhere I like to open some packs. I couldn’t find any sports cards in Orlando but I did picked up a couple packs of collectible figures. As you may know, I collect Domos and picked up a pack of Domo Qee Series 5. I also got a Vinylmation Park #13, Vinylmation Urban Redux #2 and a Vinylmation from the Star Wars line.

Domos and Vinylmation

The wood grain Domo is one of the rarer figures from this series, coming at 1/30. The Vinylmation figures though are the common ones in the sets. Goofy as Darth Vader is a limited edition Vinylmation. I wanted to take a look at the Vinylmation figures and all in all, I probably will stick with Domos.

Finally, there has been a debate between the turkey drumsticks from Disney vs the ones from Universal Studios and my vote is definitely for the mammoth drumsticks from Disney.


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