Random Pack Break: 2014-15 Panini Prizm Basketball Hobby

I don’t really buy scratch off lottery tickets. I buy loose packs of baseball, basketball and MMA cards instead! I was picking up some comics for the week and I had some loose change so I picked up a hobby pack of 2014-15 Panini Prizm Basketball too. It has only 5 cards per pack.

2014-15 Panini Prizm Basketball Hobby

I didn’t really pull anyone I collect. The card that stands out is definitely the Rick Barry Blue/Green Prizm parallel. Hopefully I can trade this for someone I collect…

I picked up this pack to take a look at this year’s cards and see if they are worth buying a box. The cards are definitely shiny and there are like a billion different parallels in this set. This year design though is also A LOT like last year design. The parallels are similar and in the base design, you just move the textured pattern from the sides to the middle and take out the white bar switch the font color from black to white and bingo you have this year’s design. Am I buying a box of 2014-15 Panin Prizm Basketball? Probably not but I am itching to open some basketball packs soon than later so I hope something interesting comes out the next few weeks.


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