Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Trading Cards

The Walking Dead is probably one of my favorite shows on the air right now. I wanted to take a look at the Cryptozoic trading cards so I pick up five blister packs of The Walking Dead Season Three Part 1.

Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Trading Cards

Prison Foil-stamped chase set

Hits for the retail packs come at 1:1000 and I didn’t get lucky with these five packs. I did pull an insert though from the Prison Foil-stamped chase set. I also pulled four doubles in five packs so I am 20 out of 72 in completing the set.

Like the show, the cards are quite gruesome. I also imagine that these Walking Dead trading cards are a big money maker for Cryptozoic. They just need to take a couple of screenshots, slap on the logo and write a line or two about each scene. Plus there are 5 seasons and sure to be more in the future so Cryptozoic is set for future material especially if they split each season into two parts.

All in all there is nothing too groundbreaking in this set. But I have to admit the prop cards featuring shell casings from the season is pretty neat though. Either way, there is something about these types of non sports cards that compels me to try to complete the set…


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