Random Pack Break: MTG Conspiracy

So I was playing an epic game of Commander at my local gaming store. But unfortunately after an hour of back and forth, I was one of the first players knocked out. (Never ever spare a Daretti…) So looking to kill the time and picked up two packs of Conspiracy…

Dack Fayden Conspiracy

and I pulled a Dack Fayden, the greatest thief in the Multiverse! It is probably the most valuable non foil card you can pull from Conspiracy. The other rare was actually a Dack’s Duplicate so the packs have a little Dack Fayden theme going around.

I have two Dack Faydens now and I want to brew something sweet with them. Currently it really only sees play in Vintage Delver decks. Maybe a control-ish Tiny Leaders deck lead by Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest? Anyways, I am drawing a blank but I am opened to ideas!


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