My 2015 Topps WWE Box Break

I picked up a box of 2015 Topps WWE the other day. First off, Hulk Hogan has quite the crazed look.

2015 Topps WWE Box

Second, I can’t believe Virgil has a card in this set.

2015 Topps WWE Cards

It is nice to complete the base set with just one box. The Topps design reminds me a bit of 90’s wrestling cards.

2015 Topps WWE Crowd Chants

This year’s WWE product has some interesting additions. There is a huge insert set every year and this year is focused on crowd’s chants. The crowd is an important part of the wrestling experience and there should actually be more cards highlighting this. So that is a thumbs up for me (although I don’t think anyone ever chanted Oh, No!).

2015 Topps WWE NXT

It is kind of the in thing to say nowadays but NXT is actually my favorite WWE show and I love the NXT subset. I am a fan of Hideo Itami, Colin Cassady (along with Enzo Amore) and Alexa Bliss. If there is set I want to complete, it would be all the NXT inserts. By the way, next year’s NXT set will probably have Finn Balor, Kevin Owens and Becky Lynch.

2015 Topps WWE Hulk Hogan

While NXT represents what is fresh about the WWE, Hulk Hogan represents what is tired and repetitive about the WWE. There are so many Hulk Hogan cards already and this year there is yet another insert set just about Hulk Hogan.

2015 Topps WWE Parallels

Finally, the black parallels run 1:6 and other than AJ Lee my pulls have been lackluster. The silver parallel is one per box and it is of the Miz, who I can’t say I am a fan of.

There are two hits per box which can range from memorabilia cards, autographs, kiss cards and commemorative championship plates.

Brie Bella Shirt Card Ric Flair Belt Card

My two hits is a Brie Bella shirt card and a Ric Flair commemorative championship plate. As for the Brie Bella card, I couldn’t care less about it. I find her kind of annoying. I also normally couldn’t care less about manufactured patches, belt plates etc but that gimmick does work better for WWE cards than say baseball cards. Other than the NXT cards, it probably my only other card of note in this box.

If you are a Brie Bella superfan, this could have been a good box for you as I pulled a shirt card and a black parallel. I actually have a Ric Flair autograph in my collection and I will probably store the belt card with that. Ric Flair actually signs more than he used to so maybe I can get the belt card signed too. I also pulled NXT cards 2 though 9 and as soon as I find a checklist I would definitely interested in trading for the cards I am missing. Looking at eBay I think I am only missing Aiden English and Tye Dillinger.

All in all, my pulls were OK but it was a fun break.


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