Another 2012 Topps WWE Heritage Box Break

I saw this box of 2012 Topps WWE Heritage in the corner of a card store I rarely go and it was listed at a great price. Well you know I just can’t resist. I actually collected the base set like 2 times over so I am just looking for the hits and inserts. I believe there are two hits per box with every other box having an autograph.

More 2012 Topps WWE Heritage

More AG WWE Minis

With the colorful 1985 throwback design, stickers of old school wrestlers, Allen & Ginter minis, Jerry Lawler sketches, Topps WWE Heritage was a fun set. My one per box black parallel is of Layla. Here is what hits I pulled.

Miz and Justin Gabriel Relic Cards

A Miz shirt card and a Justin Gabriel Wrestlemania mat card? Yea… that is pretty bad.



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3 responses to “Another 2012 Topps WWE Heritage Box Break

  1. If you have an extra base set I might be interested in a purchase

    • I am not sure where my other cards are but this box actually had a ton of doubles and only had 99/110 of the set. I actually rather work out a trade. If you are still interested in this, shoot me an email at park_dweller at

  2. Miz was a fraternity brother of mine. He was living down the hall from me when he left college to be on the Real World. When he went through the “interview” process for Real World, we thought he had a good chance of making that or Road Rules. Never expected it to turn out that he’d be a WWE champ.

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