2015 Topps WWE Chrome Blaster Break

I was deciding between a blaster of Gypsy Queen and a blaster of 2015 Topps WWE Chrome and as you can tell by the title I ended up the WWE Chrome one. The odds to pull a hit in a blaster is pretty astronomical but each blaster does come with 4 X-Fractors…

2015 Topps WWE Chrome

2015 Topps WWE Chrome NXT Cards

So I didn’t get lucky and didn’t pull an autograph and/ or a relic card but I did pull a bunch of NXT cards. I have a growing collection of NXT cards and all these are welcome additions especially the sweet Hideo Itami X-Fractor card. Sawyer Fulton, Aiden English, Paige, Bret “Hit Man” Hart (and the Miz who I didn’t bother to scan) are all some sort of common refractor. I also pulled two Hulk Hogan tribute cards but I could care less about them.

Again I am pretty happy with the NXT cards and I suspect I am pretty lucky to pull six NXT cards, 2 of them common refractors and one of them an X-Fractor.


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