Minions Challenge Card Game: Modified Rules

First off, the Minions movie was awesome!

Anyways, I finally took a look at the Minion Challenge card game and it is essentially the game of War. You play a card from your hand and the highest number wins that round (no one wins ties). Win five rounds and you win the game. The rules after that are pretty vague and the rule book leaves a lot of the finer details up the players. Clearly the gameplay part of this product is not the focus.

With the popularity of Minions, a Minions game would be an easy sell for board game night so I took a good look and see if I can tweak some of the rules to make it a somewhat decent game.

So every deck has only four cards and they are about equal with just one card with special power per deck. If you only play with one character, it would be quite repetitive and boring. So like the rule book suggest you should definitely play with at least 3 characters and decks per person per game. I also like to draft the characters at the beginning of the game so you can mix up the teams every game.

Now with 3 characters, you combine their decks into one super deck. You then shuffle it up and draw four cards from the library. For each round you place of the cards in your hand face down and flip it up the same time. The highest number wins (or do whatever a special power says). Now the rule book says you keep going until you play all four cards and then you draw a new hand of four. I don’t really like that so I say you should just draw one card after every round to replace the card you just played. Also one rule I have been playing around with is the option of not flipping over your card and giving your opponent a free win to discard your hand to draw a brand new hand.

So if you win a round, you move up only the character of the card that you play. So if you played a Minion Bob 5 card versus your opponent’s Seal 4 card you only move Minion Bob’s track up one and not the other two characters. If you get two of the three characters to the fifth stage you win!

I think these small tweaks to game gives you more options in the game and allows for some strategy. For example, normally if you use just your most powerful cards you hand will be cluttered with weak cards but now you have the options to play a 5 then a 5 and just skip a turn to refuel your hand. Also drawing back to four card per turn give you the maximum amount of options. Another example is to focus on playing mostly cards of two of the characters and ignore the third so you can try to win as fast as possible.

The Minions Challenge Card Game is pretty cheap and you really only need six packs to play. Is this a great game? No but it can be a nice filler game and who can really resist the Minions?


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